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Related article: T. Loates 2 Mr. Elliot eater's b. f. Cara Mia, 3 yrs., 7st. lib J. Reiff 3 5 to I agst. Champ de Mars. The First Year of the Thirty-eighth New Biennial Stakes of 880 sovs. ; T.Y.C. (five furlongs 139 yards). Mr. Russel's b. 0. Rigo, by Buc- caneer — La Gitana, 2 yrs., 6st 131b J. Reiff I Lord Nitrofurazone Ointment Wolverton's b. colt by Oberon— St. Isabella, 2 yrs., 7st. 2lb. (car. 7st. 51b.) O. Madden 2 Sir E. Cassel's ch. f. Sonatura. 3yrs.,9st. lib L. Reiff 5 5 to 2 agst. Rigo. June 15th.— The Queen's Stand Stakes of 500 sovs. ; T.Y.C Mr. L. Neuman's b. h. Eager, by Enthusiast— Greeba, 6 yrs., lost. 2lb W. Quinon i Mr. Keene's f. 2 yrs., 6st 91b. J. Sloan 2 Mr. C. Archer's Com Flag, 2 yrs., 6st. 91b C. Archer, Jan. 3 7 to 4 agst Eager. The Wokingham Stakes of 15 sovs. each, with 500 added; last three- quarters of New Mile. Mr. VV. H. Parson's ch. c. Bridge, by Deuce of Clubs — Ionia, 4 yrs., 7st. I2lb J. H. Martin i Mr. L. de Rothschild's Vatel, 5 yrs., 7st. 4lb T. Loates 2 Duke of Devonshire's Dieudonne, 5 yrs., 8 St. 31b W. Cannon 3 7 to I agst. Bridge. The Hardwicke Stakes of 2,000 sovs. ; Swinley Course. Mr. L. Brassey's b. c. Boniface, by St. Simon — Merry Miser, 4 yrs., Sst. 4lb Rigby I Sir R. W. Griffith's Vain Duchess, 3 yrs., Sst. 51b. J.H.Martin 2 Lord W. Beresford's Jolly Tar, 4 yrs., 9st. 7lb 3 10 to I agst. Boniface. The Alexandra Plate of 1*500 sovs. ; about 3 miles. Sir E. Cassel's b. f. Gadfly, by Hampton — Merry Duchess, 4 yrs., Sst. lolb L. Reiff i Mr. J. Hammond's Chubb, 5 yrs., 9st. 61b K. Omnon 2 Prince D'Arenberg's Gosbick, 4yrs., 9st. iilb Dodd 3 6 Buy Nitrofurazone to I agst. Gadfly. OVUNG£/j^ Bf Special Appointment to HER MAJESWTHE QUEEM and RRR THE PRINCE OF WALES BRAND OH CORK SlNCe 1829 I S. & H. HARRIS. MANUFACTORY: LONDON, E. Wheo bnying, lee thftt the ctLpiDle Ii CBMBMTED to ' tha botUfl. MARTELL'S THREE STAR BRANDY. ' A QenQlna old Bnudy made from mne." — Medical Press, Aug., '99. DAY & SONS' "ORIGINAL" MEDICINE CHESTS F« HOTMS uid Colli, priu^ a Itoq mud «t b. Illuitrated Proipaclu* Gralti, and Pe(t Fna. DATS' BLJLOK DRDTK Cons like ■ Cham, Colic or Gripct, Chilb. Debility and Fatigue is Hotw. ud Cattle, Haven, Scour ud Wetkneu in Callle and Sheep, »/- par (iBlf doi.', or IB/- p*r du. BottPH, CmrrlBKC paid. rot Humonrj, AnEnin, Genml Wall. Dul. HWebouDd. Should be giv™ b^ Ibie BDd aTlEi FmlinE 4/e par dot paekel-, S dot for 2B/- ; r^ * ; 5^ • X) Ihd Ofe":^. SuLcK^OLsfc MAGAZINE PASTIMES « *• ;v o Vml. LXX!V.